05 Oct

October 2020 Employee of the Month - Joseph Gilland

All our employees are awesome and every single one of them deserves to be recognized... but this is company history. The October 2020 Employee of the Month is Joseph Gilland, the technical product owner of WIC Direct, winning it again just six months after he won in April. His nomination this month came as a result of a message received by one of our clients, Julie Scott, the Technolo...

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16 Sep

September 2020 Employee of the Month - Scott Hilboldt

Congratulations to our September 2020 Employee of the Month, Scott Hilboldt. Scott is one of our project managers and was nominated by Amy Duncan, Vice President of Portfolio Management and Delivery.  I'd like to nominate Scott Hilboldt for employee of the month. August was an interesting month for Scott—after identifying a client need for a prepaid card solution, Sco...

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04 Aug

August 2020 Employee of the Month - David Sewell

A big congratulations to our August 2020 Employee of the month, David Sewell. His nomination came from Vice President, Steve Marston, for his work on the annual security audit. Steve said: David did a great job with the audit this year, although we are not through it quite, yet he did a great job organizing it and keeping after everyone to get their tasks completed. Congr...

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06 Jul

July 2020 Employee of the Month - Molly Oliver

We would like to congratulate our July 2020 Employee of the Month, Molly Oliver. Molly plays a vital role in our customer support team. The initial nomination came from Director of Operations, Scott Lewis."I wanted you all to know what an outstanding job Molly has been doing with KY and EBT reconciliation. We had quite a few unusual financial adjustment issues that were...

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01 Jun

June 2020 Employee of the Month - Journi Bentley

Congratulations to our June Employee of the Month, Journi Bentley. Journi is a project manager with the Portfolio Management and Delivery (PMD) team. Her nomination came in from Amy Duncan, VP of PMD.I want to nominate Journi Bentley for Employee of the Month. She has worked tirelessly (with support from folks like Kevin Moore and Michelle Goins!) to get the new CDP POS devices ready for use. ...

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18 May

May 18, 2020: CEO Update on CDP's Response to COVID-19

Hello Everyone, I want to give you a brief update on our plans for COVID-19. We continue to limit access to our offices in Romeoville and Frankfort and encourage folks to work from home for the near future. Some of our staff are approved to come in to manage data center and equipment deliveries and installations. If you desire to work in either facility please contact your manager ...

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04 May

May 2020 Employees of the Month - Daniel Beasley, John Ciarlette , and Kevin Moore

We would like to congratulate our unprecedented THREE employees of the month for May 2020. Yes. Three. All our employees are awesome enough to win all the time, but these three went above and beyond during the quick transition to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The original nomination came from Don Downs, Manger of Network Services....

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20 Apr

April 20, 2020: CEO Update on CDP's Response to COVID-19

It’s hard to believe it has been over 5 weeks now since we began our company response to the Covid-19 pandemic. I can honestly say I did not believe we would still be practicing this level of social distancing at this point.And I certainly did not fathom the impact it would have on our economy and our lives. While our world has changed drastically, I hope you, like me, find some comfort...

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10 Apr

April 10, 2020: A Message to Our Clients Regarding New COVID-19 Product Enhancements

CDP’s mission statement is that we will provide high-quality public health technology solutions, which assist the delivery of essential services to our state and local communities. While the situation we are all currently facing is certainly unprecedented, it has also allowed for unique, out-of-the-box thinking within the company so that we can provide new solutions for our customers.&nb...

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06 Apr

April 2020 Employee of the Month - Joseph Gilland

Although we are dealing with unusual circumstances, CDP is operating business as usual. This means providing top-notch service to our clients in every way possible, and ensuring that we continue to recognize our employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.The April 2020 employee of the month is WIC Direct product owner, Joseph Gilland. His nomination came in from Vice President of Produ...

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30 Mar

March 30, 2020: CEO Update on CDP's Response to COVID-19

I hope each of you had a good weekend despite the conditions we are living under. We had nice weather in Kentucky and many of us took advantage to go outside, do yardwork, or exercise. At this point I am unaware of any of us contracting the virus – I am thankful and hopeful we will continue to stay healthy. It does seem likely we will continue in this social distancing, lockdown, isolat...

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23 Mar

March 23, 2020: CEO Update on CDP's Response to COVID-19

While the world around us keeps changing, we are trying to keep business as usual. Obviously we’ve made changes in our work locations in Romeoville and Frankfort while we keep our operations and projects on track. I thank each of you for stepping up to the challenge. So far so good.  Vice President Steve Marston also shared this: The job CS and Networking are doing is incr...

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13 Mar

March 13, 2020: A message to our clients regarding CDP's response to COVID-19

To our valued client partners, As a public health IT provider, CDP is carefully monitoring the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19). I want to reach out to you personally about what we are doing to support you and your projects. As the situation continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure the uninterrupted services you expect from CDP.Our Team SafetyCD...

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02 Mar

March 2020 Employee of the Month - Ryan Doherty

Congratulations to March 2020's Employee of the Month, Quality Assurance Engineer Ryan Doherty. His nomination initially came in from the Director of Quality Assurance, Karen Waluk.  "Ryan's outstanding performance and contributions are topped off nicely with his easy-to-work-with/happy-to-help style. The 'cherry on top' is his clever...

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11 Feb

February 2020 Employee of the Month - Sarah Long

CDP is pleased to announce that Sarah Long is the Employee of the Month for February 2020. Her initial nomination came in from Kelly Pralle and was seconded by Don Downs.I’d like to recognize Sarah Long for some of her many achievements.Sarah is one of the most knowledgeable people in our department and everyone always enjoys working with her.She handles all types of technica...

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08 Jan

January 2020 Employee of the Month - Heidi Morin

We would like to congratulate Heidi Morin, one of our resident business analysts, on being the first Employee of the Month recipient of the year! This was a much-deserved win, as she received two nominations. The first nomination came from Senior Product Analyst, Julie Alyea.Not only is Heidi smart and funny, she is a total rock star for a number of reasons. First, she ha...

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02 Dec

December 2019 Employee of the Month - Amy Duncan

We would like to congratulate Amy Duncan on being named CDP's December 2019 Employee of the Month. Her nomination came from Scott Pralle and he said: I would like to nominate Amy Duncan for Employee of the Month.  Not only is Amy an excellent manager that is consistently available for support and guidance but she has represented CDP extremely well as the Chair of ...

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12 Nov

November 2019 Employee of the Month - Andy Vail

We would like to congratulate Andy Vail on being November 2019's Employee of the Month. He holds the record for winning this honor the most times at CDP, and we are happy to award it to him again. Because he's just that awesome. His nomination came from Quality Assurance Engineer, David Crespo. I’d like to nominate Andy Vail for Employee of the Month. This...

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08 Oct

Conference Insights from Amy Duncan, PMP

The public health community is one built with innovation and heart. I knew this already, but it was, once again, reiterated to me after attending a recent WIC industry conference. All the products offered at CDP have a specialized focus on innovation in public health, with a specialized focus on the WIC program. While I am not on the front lines to help the needy, I can assist with ...

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05 Aug

August 2019 Employee of the Month - Alissa Chrisos

Congratulations to our August 2019 Employee of the Month, Alissa Chrisos, who is a member of our quality assurance team. Her nomination came from the Director of Quality Assurance, Karen Waluk. I have enjoyed seeing the nominations fly in for her this month; it’s an extra special bonus when those you work shoulder to shoulder with every day [and night] take the time to recogni...

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