June 2020 Employee of the Month - Journi Bentley

01 Jun

Congratulations to our June Employee of the Month, Journi Bentley. Journi is a project manager with the Portfolio Management and Delivery (PMD) team. Her nomination came in from Amy Duncan, VP of PMD.

I want to nominate Journi Bentley for Employee of the Month. She has worked tirelessly (with support from folks like Kevin Moore and Michelle Goins!) to get the new CDP POS devices ready for use. She had to overcome a variety of obstacles with the devices—connection issues, APL challenges, and a frequently unresponsive service provider. Journi was elbow deep in the process from a technical and business perspective. She worked on retailer agreements, conducted testing and troubleshooting, and developed a deployment process to ensure our devices are shipped right.

Although the devices were a bit wonky for a while, Journi and the team were able to get a few shipped for remote UAT for a project. This is the first step in getting CDP’s POS solution in the hands of retailers!

Journi is also a good sport in meeting client demands—customers LOVE video webconferences, so she turns on her camera for her meetings.

Congratulation to Journi.