EBT in Farmer's Markets

Farm Market Direct logo. With Farm Market Direct, eliminate paper from the farmer's market and get money to the farmers faster.


One of the best places to get produce is a farmer's market. However, not all farmers are equipped with a point-of-sale device necessary to process EBT transactions. Not anymore. With Farm Market Direct, as long as a farmer can scan a QR barcode, participants of the WIC, Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP), and Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) can redeem their benefits.

This solution provides programs with full redemption transaction processing, settlement, and reporting at no cost to the farmer. All transactional data is available within Data Direct





To Redeem

  1. Participants provide the farmer with the barcode in one of three different methods: using the Participant Portal, a sticker placed on their EBT card, or a paper voucher. 
    Barcode presented on phone: Participants can show farmer's a barcode on their smartphones.
    Barcode on WIC card: Participants can show the redemption barcode that has been affixed to their WIC cards.Farmer's Market voucher: Participants can pay using vouchers the farmer will scan.
  2. The farmer scans the barcode (either at the time of purchase or at a later time) and the transaction is processed using the redemptions processing already in place for WIC transaction processing.
    Barcode scan: The Farm Market Direct solution relies on barcodes to redeem benefits electronically.

3 programs, 1 solution

The Farm Market Direct solution offers a single solution that will work for three different benefits programs.

this solution works for WIC cash value benefits, FMNP, or SFMNP

Full reporting capabilities

Farm Market Direct offers full reporting capabilities


use data direct for reporting—Transactional and ad hoc


Farm Market Direct uses EBT technology to provide automated and faster settlements

Eliminate middlemen, Timely settlements direct to farmers

data security

Using Farm Market Direct, your data is secure


Ensure Data security using our SOC-Certified Data Centers


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