Using Food as a Prescription

A New Take On Nutrition

Your community needs access to nutritious foods. You also need the peace of mind that the method you provide to obtain those foods will work, meet the needs of your specific program, be secure, and produce useful data to guide future decisions. Enter Healthy Food Direct, CDP's program designed to eliminate paper- and token-based payment systems, instead relying on the most current technology available—ours—without the up-front technology investment.

With Healthy Food Direct, a restricted spend transaction processing solution, you're in the driver's seat from the beginning. Every item your program allows for purchase is customizable, down to the UPC and PLU level. If you want to allow fresh produce, but not potatoes, you can do that. If you want to prohibit snack food purchases but allow nuts, you can do that too. The power is all in your hands (which is where it belongs, don't you think?).

A sample Healthy Food Direct card.
Eliminate token and paper-based redemption systems, 
by transitioning to an electronic-based redemption system. 



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Custom allowable food lists controlled at the sku level

State of the Art

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the most current technology available without an investment

Peace of Mind

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Ensure Data security using our SOC-Certified Data Centers

proven process

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built on a foundation of wic transaction processing

A pie chart generated in Data Direct showing food prescription usage.

But that's not all. Every transaction generates data which can be used to produce reports at the card, retailer, or program level.
Better yet, you have the ability to customize those reports with our data analysis tool, Data Direct, which comes standard with the product.



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