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Sample reports from Data Direct: Turn your data into graphs or maps to analyze trends, which will lead to better program decisions.

Born originally to be a complementary solution to WIC Direct, Data Direct was developed to provide business intelligence capabilities for the myriad of data points generated by WIC Direct including participation, risk management, processing metrics, food management, retail management, and financial management.

The advantage of electronic solutions is that every transaction, every click, every change can be stored and used as data. Data Direct, using the Tableau front end, will transform these countless data points into graphical and meaningful information. Using the charts and visualizations available, you can enhance program management because you can make informed analysis and business decisions.

As such, Data Direct has expanded, allowing clients to use data generated from a number of different solutions to provide a population health management approach to reporting.

CURrent Data Direct integrations:

WIC Direct
WIC Management Information Systems (MIS)
Healthy Food Direct
Farm Market Direct
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

      Types of reports:

      Line/Trend Graph
      Bar Graph
      Pie Graph
      Bubble Chart
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