About CDP Inc.

We are a premier provider of data management systems and services for the public health community. Our diversified mix of services and solutions allows us to operate successfully throughout the United States. We have a vast array of offerings, which gives us a deeper perspective - one we can use to understand the whole picture. Built on family values, we operate with integrity. To us it’s more than just a company on the line, our legacy is at stake.


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Number of states, U.S. territories, or WIC state agencies where CDP products are used

Project Management

Percentage of project managers who are PMP-certified

Our Solutions

We are an electronic health solutions and software company dedicated to serving public healthcare professionals.

WIC Services

Manage day-to-day operations with ease.

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Data Analytics

Visualize and customize your data.

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Fresh Produce

Providing a customizeable EBT solution for Farmer's Markets

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Food Prescriptions

An EBT solution for FoodRx

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Electronic Health

ONC-ACB fully-certified complete EHR

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Environmental Health

Mobile platform to increase service delivery and simplify development.

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Network Services

Providing easy, efficient, and customized solutions.

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