Center of Innovation

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage subject matter expertise to identify and execute innovative services, actions, and products that will enrich the WIC program at all levels: participant, administrative, and retailer.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in nutrition services, using technology to innovate and expand these programs, ensuring both participant access and success.



In 2021, CDP established the WIC Center of Innovation, inspired by the seismic pivot made by WIC agencies in response to the pandemic. 

The Center of Innovation brings together experts with decades of experience and knowledge in WIC and EBT services. Team members share insights and lessons learned from customers and industry connections to collaboratively build groundbreaking approaches to technological, program, regulatory, or federally mandated changes.

Coupled with an emphasis on human-centered design, the Center of Innovation's focus goes beyond the technology itself, to streamline and improve experiences for WIC staff and participants. When WIC agencies have a need, the Center of Innovation provides inventive solutions.