December 2020 Employees of the Month - Glenn Plott and Jim Chilcoat

10 Dec
This month we have the opportunity and pleasure to honor not one, but TWO employees of the month. Congratulations to Glenn Plott and Jim Chilcoat for helping us finish the year strong.

Glenn Plott

Our first employee of the month is Glenn Plott. His nomination came from Scott Lewis, Director of Operations.
I would like to nominate Glenn Plott for CDP's Employee of the Month. He has been instrumental in helping us develop, test, and implement a new WIC EBT monitoring and alerting system which has been a huge improvement for our operations.

Glenn was involved with the initial design of this system and has done the brunt of the development work. He has been great to collaborate with and is always thinking of ways to overcome obstacles and resolve issues. Glenn continues to be very involved as we start planning the next revisions of the new system. We should recognize and acknowledge his efforts and dedication to this project.

Jim Chilcoat

Our second Employee of the Month is Jim Chilcoat, our retailer integration manager. His nomination came from Amy Duncan, VP of Portfolio Management and Delivery. 
I don't know what more to say than I nominate Jim! The reasons are many - from his ability to convince retailers nationwide to implement their system changes to meet each of our client's unique schedules to his vision for the future of retail transactions for WIC. Jim is a thought leader who has established the direction for the next phase of EBT. Not only that, but Jim represents a comforting and trusted presence to our clients. His presentation at the EBT Next Generation conference was well-received because he did not talk at the audience with PowerPoints, he literally sat at the table and had a conversation about what he wants to do and he knows how it can happen. I guess I should also nominate his dog Murph, who also got plenty of attention from the audience (by the way - there were 406 people watching Jim's presentation when it aired and even a few competitors put supporting words in the chat).

I could go on and on, but you really know Jim and what an amazing part of the CDP team he is.