April 2020 Employee of the Month - Joseph Gilland

06 Apr

Although we are dealing with unusual circumstances, CDP is operating business as usual. This means providing top-notch service to our clients in every way possible, and ensuring that we continue to recognize our employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.

The April 2020 employee of the month is WIC Direct product owner, Joseph Gilland. His nomination came in from Vice President of Product Development, Johnny Sena. 

Joseph qualifies for this every month. Joseph juggles a large number of priorities and is always there to do whatever it takes and does not complain (at least to me). Most recently, Joseph was there to deal with the startup of Missouri live shopping. This was an implementation of WIC Direct for smart card. While there are some similarities between WIC Direct online and WIC Direct smart card, there are many differences. Furthermore, CDP is providing full service including direct settlement to retailers. This involved establishing new processes for interfacing to our settlement bank. At the same time, we implemented a significant change to our online processing model where we have taken on additional responsibility for online settlement (not related to the smart card project). Joseph worked with our teams to ensure that we quickly worked out the kinks in the new process. All the while, Joseph continued to do his day job and his sometimes night job supporting overnight maintenance. Joseph is a model employee that embodies the CDP spirit.


Congratulations to Joseph!