March 13, 2020: A message to our clients regarding CDP's response to COVID-19

13 Mar

To our valued client partners,

As a public health IT provider, CDP is carefully monitoring the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19). I want to reach out to you personally about what we are doing to support you and your projects. As the situation continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure the uninterrupted services you expect from CDP.

Our Team Safety
CDP believes that our people are our greatest asset. With that in mind, we have released guidance to protect the health of our employees and their families. Staff members who can work remotely from home have been notified that a company-wide work from home policy is in effect for at least the next two weeks. CDP’s management team will continue to evaluate the situation and determine when it is safe for all employees to return to work. Our technology infrastructure is designed to support a remote workforce, so we do not anticipate interruption in services to clients.

Some of our services require onsite support for security or business continuity, so our main offices will remain open for essential staff. For the health and safety of those employees who must come to work, CDP has taken measures that align with global public health authorities, including the CDC and WHO, as well as the local directives in Illinois and Kentucky where our offices are located.

Your Ongoing Operations
We understand that the technology we provide supports the most vulnerable populations and must be reliable. Our senior operations staff members have been reviewing our established Business Continuity Plan to determine what additional policies need to be established for this unique situation. Our existing plan covers our response for the current situation, but we will continue to monitor and adjust as things evolve. We are confident that our planning and practices will mitigate any disruption to our customers.

Much of our work requires face to face engagement with our clients. CDP is restricting new travel for the immediate future. For trips already planned in the next 30-60 days, CDP project leads, management, and clients will work together to determine how to support specific project needs in the most appropriate way possible. This is as much for your protection as for the protection of our staff and their families.

At CDP, we believe our ability to provide you with seamless operations during uncertain times is part of our core mission. We will adjust our policies to address changes as the situation evolves and will notify you of any decisions that impact your operations. Please reach out if there is any other way we can support you.
Stan Cochran signature
Stan Cochran, CEO, CDP