July 2020 Employee of the Month - Molly Oliver

06 Jul
We would like to congratulate our July 2020 Employee of the Month, Molly Oliver. Molly plays a vital role in our customer support team.
The initial nomination came from Director of Operations, Scott Lewis."I wanted you all to know what an outstanding job Molly has been doing with KY and EBT reconciliation. We had quite a few unusual financial adjustment issues that were complex and spanned multiple systems. Molly took initiative with this when I didn’t have time to help with this issue. She showed leadership by owning this issue, setting up meetings, providing outstanding client support, and following through to completion by getting these financial issues resolved. She has become an expert at EBT reconciliation and can find a whisper in a whirlwind. I am very proud of her and quite pleased with her performance."
Director of Client Services, Michelle Goins, chimed in next. "I would like to second that evaluation of Molly’s work and also add that she is my go to for all things Financial EBT related. Molly takes initiative and is not afraid to step up in a leadership role."
Congratulations to Molly. Keep up the amazing work.