June 2021 Employee(s) of the Month: Jack Baughman, Jenine Compton, and Joene Noble

14 Jun
It's not often that employee of the month posts are bittersweet, but that's exactly what happened in June. 
First of all, we get to celebrate not one, not two, but three employees of the month. On the flip side, we are also going to be saying goodbye as all three of them have decided it's time to retire. We are so happy for all of them and everything they have accomplished as part of our CDP family, but they will all be sorely missed as well. 
These retirements and employee of the month recognitions are so well deserved.
Jack Baughman, who serves as the Director of Research and Technical Planning, has been with CDP for just over 40 years. 
Jenine Compton, who serves as a Home Health Customer Support Specialist, has worked for CDP twice, this time for 24 years.
Joene Noble, who is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, has worked for CDP since 2010.
Congratulations to all three of them.