July 2021 Employee of the Month: Alissa Chrisos

12 Jul

Congratulations to our July 2021 Employee of the Month, Quality Assurance Engineer Alissa Chrisos. Her nomination came from one of our product owners, Heidi Morin.

This Employee of the Month nomination has been a long time coming. She holds herself to high standards and is a true leader in the QA position. This nomination is for Alissa Chrisos.

Where do I start with Alissa’s awesomeness? First off, Alissa is a true team player in every sense. She is always willing to jump in wherever she is needed. I once asked her to take on prep and execution of a user story that designed a complex report. She replied with “I don’t know much about that but I’m always game to learn something new!”

Alissa is poised when delivering information and updates. She has always been prepared for user story groomings and discussions. Her questions are organized and well thought-out. She thinks and processes stories at both a high-level and a detail-oriented manner.

Alissa is a resource for not just her fellow QA engineers but for developers as well. She collaborates with the developers she is working on a story with. One developer said to me “I have learned a lot from Alissa Chrisos regarding thinking about different possible scenarios.”

Alissa has this remarkable ability to ad hoc test without losing sight of a user story’s purpose. She does not just test the story from point A to point B and say, “good enough.” She says “If the user does A, then B, what happens if they skip C and D, and go right to E, then backtrack and change data at Point B? Can they do that? Let me test that and see what happens.”

I appreciate all Alissa brings to CDP and her project. She makes her colleagues and this project better every day. It is my pleasure to nominate Alissa Chrisos for the July Employee of the Month.