March 2021 Employee of the Month - Gwen Hudson

01 Mar

A big congratulations to our March Employee of the Month, Gwen Hudson. As you will see, Gwen is an integral part of our quality assurance team.


Gwen received two separate nominations from her fellow teammates, which makes this win extra special. The first came from fellow QA team member Bennita Drain:

I would like to nominate Gwen Hudson for Employee of the Month. Gwen plays an integral part of the WIC Direct EBT QA team. Her test planning skills are top notch and when executing tests, if there’s a bug to be found, Gwen will find it. She is our reigning Bug Queen.

In addition to performing her normal tasks, Gwen pitched in to test the latest hot fix, she tested the 1099K scripts, as well as participating in interviewing candidates for the QA positions. Gwen does what is needed to get our customers a quality product on time.


Gwen also received one of our coveted nominations from Director of Quality Assurance, Karen Waluk.

February marked Gwen’s eighth successful year with us.  In these eight years she has played a key role in just about every deliverable that our WIC Direct QA team has put their seal of approval on. Gwen joined us as an experienced professional with a rock solid background in QA. She quickly embraced the WIC program which allowed her to come up to speed quickly and become an instant contributor. While Gwen’s current home team is WIC Direct, her skills and contributions are not limited to one area. Last year Gwen recognized the growth in our WIC Direct product and suggested improvements on how we could be more efficient in our integration testing. We quickly implemented her suggestions and saw immediate benefit in our coverage and strategy. Most recently Gwen completed work on assisting with the 1099K project to meet a ‘quick deadline’ while also being part of our ‘interview team’ to help out with new QA candidate selections. 

I often reflect on the introductory letter of recommendation I received about Gwen. “She and I worked together.  She was an asset to the System Integration Test team and would be a great candidate for our team.  Back then she held development to high standards and I don’t think she has changed. She definitely can handle this role.”

Old words… but still 100 percent true, and THEN SOME! 

Congratulations to Gwen. You're a rock star in getting stuff done around here!