Introducing CDP's New Mentor Program

19 Jun
We are excited to announce the launch of CDP’s newest program, the mentor program, which was designed specifically for entry-level developers. Each mentorship lasts six months and allows you the opportunity to work alongside senior developers to get a feel for our company, our products, and how we work.
  • Months One and Two: Work on a single project with a senior developer as your mentor. You will get the opportunity to make a real impact on a project, as well as gain insight and experience.
  • Months Three and Four: Shadow senior developers across product teams so you can gain knowledge of each of our products and our development methodology. This is the perfect opportunity to develop cross-team relationships and find the product that fits your skillset best.
  • Months Five and Six: This is where it gets real—you will be assigned to a product team where you will be able to do pair programming, code reviews, developer testing, and finally, your own development tasks.
This is the perfect opportunity for the next generation of developers to get hands-on experience and to learn from the developers of today. At CDP, one of our mottos is to “Always Get Better,” and this is an excellent opportunity to do just that.
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