November 2019 Employee of the Month - Andy Vail

12 Nov
We would like to congratulate Andy Vail on being November 2019's Employee of the Month. He holds the record for winning this honor the most times at CDP, and we are happy to award it to him again. Because he's just that awesome.
His nomination came from Quality Assurance Engineer, David Crespo.
I’d like to nominate Andy Vail for Employee of the Month. This month, Andy rebuilt a complete end-to-end instance for the QA team almost flawlessly. Over time, Andy has become a pro at building these environments and understanding what QA and Development needs. He also developed a plan to control our WEM environments. He researched the current state of those environments and formulated a plan to improve their integrity. He could arguably win this award each month for the laundry list of requests we provide to him every day and how he reliably handles each one. Andy’s impact to our daily works is absolutely crucial. If we were ever able to clone anyone at CDP, he would be my first choice.