March 2020 Employee of the Month - Ryan Doherty

02 Mar
Congratulations to March 2020's Employee of the Month, Quality Assurance Engineer Ryan Doherty.
His nomination initially came in from the Director of Quality Assurance, Karen Waluk. 
"Ryan's outstanding performance and contributions are topped off nicely with his easy-to-work-with/happy-to-help style. The 'cherry on top' is his clever wit... Ryan is a valued member of the QA team, having been a part of many successful test efforts and customer deliverables for CDP. In his current assignment, Ryan has been given the opportunity to train and mentor new associates and be on the cutting edge of our up-and-coming QA automation strategy. Collaborating with an offshore team on this type of project is a new experience and Ryan has really shined in this role over the last few months. It's not an easy task, but a nice challenge for Ryan. It has been a pleasure to watch him in action and put his leadership skills to work and see him figure out 'just the right thing' to say to explain things in the way that make the offshore team successful. He's been knocking it out of the park regularly while also carrying out his regular responsibilities on the QA tea, and helping many other teams along the way by sharing the knowledge he has gained over the years."
His nomination was quickly seconded by fellow QA Engineer, Nancy Jackson.
"I know that Ryan has been nominated by Karen for EOM, but I wanted to throw in my two cents. I have this really bad habit of still keeping up with what is going on in projects I have worked on in the past. I guess if I have ever touched it, I still want to know how it is going. I still talk with Ryan often and know that he has stepped up to be an integral part of the success for that project. His work with automation will eventually help many projects at CDP, I believe."
Congratulations to Ryan, and thank you for being such a huge asset to CDP!