June 2019 Employee of the Month

03 Jun
CDP is excited to announce the 2019 Employee of the Month: Susan Hendrix.
Although we love Susan and are so proud of her for being recognized, it is bittersweet, as this week also marks her retirement from CDP after 12.5 great years.
It was amazing having Susan on our team as we began our adventure with WIC Direct. She did everything she could to ensure that the development of the product was a success, and she did everything she could to ensure that the original developers themselves were a success as well – from making sure we received some help with public speaking, to her insightful and helpful contributions to the development and growth of WIC Direct, to always supporting us around the office, and even to making sure we had our table manners down (always pass the salt AND pepper if someone asks for either one). Susan, I hope you enjoy your retirement because you surely deserve it after working with us!
- Joseph Gilland, WIC Direct Technical Team Lead
It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Susan. We originally interview her for receptionist but during the interview we learned that she had writing skills that we could use. Wayne and myself later interviewed her for technical writing and the rest is history.  She came along at a crucial time for CDP as we were just starting to move into the world of WIC Direct. She opened our eyes to documentation and providing information for RFPs and I quickly learned that she can take a resume and make it look really impressive. I can also thank her for learning presentation skills. She had an acquaintance provide training on how to present. I still rely on what I learned then when presenting today.
- Kevin Kring, Training Director
Susan has been an amazing colleague and friend. She welcomed me to CDP and helped me find my way... She has always been an advocate for me and I will truly miss her spirit and support (but I have her cell number so she cannot hide!).
- Amy Duncan, Director, Portfolio Management and Delivery