July 2019 Employee of the Month

02 Jul
CDP is pleased to announce the July 2019 employee of the month, Scott Lewis.
Scott was nominated by Kelly Pralle, CDP's treasurer. 
"I would like to nominate Scott Lewis for the EOM. I really don’t work with Scott on a day-to-day basis, but I see the impact he has on CDP. He appears to have a wealth of knowledge, he has great leadership skills and appears to have CDP’s best interest always up front. He seems to have so many things on his plate but he always seems to know what I’s to dot and T’s to cross. From what I see, Scott will help anyone out that asks without thinking twice about it and is very kind, he does not make you feel inept."
CDP Vice President, Steve Marston agreed.
"I agree Scott would be a good choice for EOM, Scott is a great leader and has terrific decision-making capabilities, he is always accountable for his actions and decisions whether they are right or wrong. Scott is always looking for better ways to design work processes to save time, energy and money while at the same time making sure our systems stay up and running. He is never afraid to step out of his comfort zone and is always willing to learn new things. Scott is well liked and respected by his teammates and peers. Scott is a great communicator and leads his team with honesty and integrity, his position often requires him to be up at all hours of the night and early morning hours but he always seems to be available when needed."
Congratulations to Scott!