January 2020 Employee of the Month - Heidi Morin

08 Jan
We would like to congratulate Heidi Morin, one of our resident business analysts, on being the first Employee of the Month recipient of the year! This was a much-deserved win, as she received two nominations.
The first nomination came from Senior Product Analyst, Julie Alyea.
Not only is Heidi smart and funny, she is a total rock star for a number of reasons. First, she has the ability to learn quickly and jump right into to whatever situation arises. A great example was performing as a backup for Smart Card when issues were occurring. She jumped in, assisted with analysis and testing with ease. This allowed the project to continue to move forward seamlessly.
Secondly, she has evolved as an excellent co-product owner align side Jon Blackburn. Not only is she a subject matter expert, she is organized, articulate and empowers the multiple teams on task for this project by continually clarifying requirements and always ensuring the user stories are complete and up to date.
I cannot say enough good things about Heidi, but to sum it all up – she is outstanding and pleasure to work with.
The second nomination came from Director of Quality Assurance, Karen Waluk.
I’d like to join with many of my team members in nominating Heidi Morin to be CDP’s first EOM for the 2020 Year!  
Heidi was an instant CDP fit from Day 1.  The breadth of her knowledge knows no bounds and  her compassion for the WIC program and work we do here is a bright beacon
Her drive is unwavering; her convictions strong. 
Carrying those high powered traits on her sleeve one might think, she must be an ICE COLD ROCK.  WRONG! 
Heidi has a genuineness and  graceful style making her very approachable and FUN to work with.  
To revisit the ‘Bright Beacon’ label I mentioned earlier, the beam emitting from Heidi isn’t one that has you whipping out sunglasses to be shielded from the harsh rays.  It’s just the opposite in fact, a constant warm glow you gravitate to for information, motivation, leadership and encouragement.  Heidi is the best kind of ‘enabler’; in addition to the heavy workload she carries, she jumps in whenever necessary to help others keep moving  and keep the ball moving forward on multiple teams and projects.
She is always happy to share her knowledge and suggest ideas for improvement. She has been a tremendous help to the team assisting with product owner responsibilities and we especially appreciate her input  on our QA Test cases and at our QA Test  Coverage review meetings. Last week she stepped up to provide coverage for another project and knocked that out of the park, too.
There’s a lot to say about what Heidi brings to the table every minute of every day.  It can’t be summed up on a T-Shirt or even a Bill Board and while I’d like to go on and on about her in this  email, I’ll end my nomination with two thoughts that come to mind when I think about Heidi.
  • Heidi’s skills of jumping through hoops and vaulting over hurdles daily makes me wonder if she was a Olympic Gold Medalist before joining our CDP team!
  • The internet is NOT always right--Google incorrectly states that Red Bull is the original ‘Energy Drink.’ In my book HEIDI MORIN IS THE ORIGINAL ENERGY DRINK and we are lucky to have her with us at CDP.