From the Desk of Human Resources: The Biggest Truth

02 Jan

It was a year ago that I started working at CDP—a year already? It’s been an amazing year, though.

Every Human Resources professional will agree that the most common question we’re asked about our career choice is, “Why do you work in HR?” For me, I picked HR because it’s a business function that allows me to practice some of the same values that my family instilled in me. Unlike many career paths, I get to be courageous, build meaningful and lasting relationships, coach future leaders, create opportunities for others, and cultivate a positive and ethical work environment.

In December 2017 I packed up my unconventional HR antics and parked them at CDP. I immediately felt an overwhelming amount of support from a team that is scattered across the country as CDP has employees in 16 different states. Reactions to that vary—some think, “wow,” while fellow HR people cringe because having employees in so many states represents another layer of challenges and complications.

Not long into this journey, I noticed an endless amount of opportunity. Not only was I excited about the chance to practice my values and create opportunities for others, I also love being instrumental in finding the right opportunities for others. I enjoy learning about someone’s passion and motivation, using that information to find them the right opportunities to grow.

Beyond the basic logistics behind why I love being in HR, I found a special place at CDP. Here, a business opportunity is more than just another business venture, we also use it as a chance to provide employees growth to unlock their true potential. After all, finding an employee the perfect opportunity to flourish is what makes Human Resources so worthwhile. I believe in the employees I work with, and they believe in what they get to do. At the end of the day, that fosters a feeling of support unlike any I’ve experienced.

This feeling of inclusion stems from CDP being a family-owned business, but most importantly, it stems from the belief that employees are family. That’s why we have such a low turnover rate—our employees are here for the long haul.

The other question I get about my job is what have I learned from my year at CDP? That’s simple. I am not alone. I have a support system of more than 130 extended family members and managers who echo my ideas and attribute them back to me. Starting a new job doesn’t always have to be scary. It wasn’t for me because I found an organization that shared my values. Finding a workplace that does that was a high point in my career and I look forward to what the next year will hold.