Customer Service Update: We put the Custom in Customer Support

20 Jul

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I’ll wait while you narrow down the list.

While you’re thinking, let me tell you mine. I cannot stand bad customer service. Waiting on hold forever, or even worse yet, running around in circles on an automated system. As someone who provides customer service for a living, that’s just unacceptable. Customer service is paramount. We’re proud of our products—and customer service is just one more product that we provide.

Being a family-owned business, we have a corporate culture of putting customers and employees first in all business decisions. This means that we care about you and our employees care about providing you services that go above and beyond expectations. It’s all about high-quality outcomes and fostering relationships over short-term profits. We are keenly aware of the fact we wouldn’t exist without our customers.

We offer phone-based customer service to every customer, including those who are 14 hours ahead of us! When you call customer support, the following things will be true of every call:

  1. You will always speak to a person. You may receive someone’s voicemail, but you will ultimately have a chance to be heard by a real person.
  2. Our customer support is 100 percent based in the United States. In fact, of our 18 full-time customer and network services employees, a large majority are housed in our Frankfort, Kentucky office.
  3. We are HIPAA-compliant. Dealing with public health departments, we are aware of the sensitive nature of the data we may encounter while troubleshooting for our clients. As such, we are compliant with every HIPAA rule and are audited regularly.
  4. We are efficient. CDP Customer support averages 1,500 calls or emails per month and of those 99 percent are closed within hours without any development changes necessary.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky is where our first WIC EBT solution started, and it still thrives there today. Our customer support personnel are on a first-name basis with many of the employees in local health departments across the state—and that could only be accomplished by developing a relationship fostered by mutual respect and a passion to provide the best service possible.

Although it all started in Kentucky, we’ve expanded into 41 states with our various public health offerings including WIC EBT, environmental health, home health, and electronic health records solutions. No other technology company comes close to matching our comprehensive public health capabilities. We are nationally known as the leader in WIC EBT, with our solution active in 28 different WIC state agencies across the country.

Despite all that growth, one fact still remains: We’ll be waiting for your call, and we’ll be happy to help.