Ask the CEO: Why is culture at CDP so important?

29 Oct

Recently during our monthly All Hands meeting, I reviewed the CDP culture deck with our staff. We developed the culture deck a couple of years ago as a tool to communicate CDP values during our onboarding process for new staff. It was also developed as a way to reinforce what our existing staff already knew – that working for CDP was unlike working for most large companies or organizations. The values we live and breathe everyday are the difference.

At our core, we value our relationships, both internally and externally. This means we respect everyone’s contributions. All of our staff and all of our customers have a seat at the table. We listen, we comment, and we decide our way forward based on what’s best for all. Because we are a private company, we don’t have public shareholders to report to. We don’t have quarterly or annual financial targets to meet. Our relationships are paramount because they determine our long-term success. When everyone feels empowered, everyone succeeds.