WIC EBT Software

WIC Agencies value the dual function of WIC EBT processing for benefit delivery and retail transaction authorization.WIC Direct is the leader in online WIC EBT processing. While it is government-owned software, its origins are a matter of pride for us at CDP.  CDP, a company founded in 1979 in La Grange, Illinois, now with facilities in both Frankfort, Kentucky and Romeoville, Illinois, was contracted by a WIC state agency for a collaborative creation of this WIC EBT software. The USDA FNS (Food and Nutrition Service) and industry partners also participated in developing WIC Direct, not with a re-purposing of existing software but as a unique solution to meet the needs of the WIC Program. While WIC Direct is owned by the federal government, it is transferable and available to any WIC agency.

WIC Direct attributes its success to recognizing from the start its multiple targeted audiences: WIC participants, retailers, and WIC agencies.

  • Participants find the use of WIC Direct to be simple. The time-in-lane is brief. “Mixed Basket,” available in some areas, can sort WIC qualifying items from non-qualifying items in real time.  CDP developed WIC Direct (EBT software) based on the input of WIC participants, with the ultimate goal of creating an system that was user friendly. Movement through the check-out lane at a participating retailer resembles the experience of customers using a debit or credit card. The EBT balance of participants is easily retrieved and, unlike vouchers, there is no need to use it all at once.
  • A diverse group of retailers participated in the development of WIC EBT software, based upon their own experiences of what works and doesn’t work. WIC Direct eliminates the risk of cashier error, supports mixed basket, provides software updates on WIC-approved items and shortens the time-in-lane.
  • WIC agencies value CDP’s commitment to state-of-the-art knowledge of the WIC program’s rules, regulations, policies and operating procedures. CDP has consulted with stakeholders to assist in developing WIC EBT software that meets the needs of agencies and their constituents. Because of this valued input, WIC Direct has been developed to reduce management overhead, protect program integrity, assist agencies with the identification of high-risk retailers, eliminate overcharges, and increase participant satisfaction.

WIC Direct EBT software has robust reporting capacity that gives a WIC agency an in-depth understanding of how benefits are being utilized, critical data for an agency. Our dedicated project team has an outstanding reputation for quick implementation on time and on budget.  Users of WIC Direct appreciate the scalability of this WIC EBT software to meet the needs of any size program. This web application is designed to ensure that no matter the volume of transactions and requests that come in, the system will function well. When CDP hosts WIC Direct for clients in its secure, high-performance data center, clients are assured that every safeguard has been taken to maintain the security, performance and reliability of WIC data. IT specialists at CDP carefully monitor for problems, often catching an issue before it becomes a problem.

WIC Direct was built to be a WIC EBT software solution that functions as needed: for participants ease-of-use, simplicity for retailers and robust reporting and compliance with current, ever-changing rules and regulations for WIC agencies. If you are interested in learning more about WIC Direct, give us a call at (800) 888-6035 and speak with a member of our team to learn about the numerous features of WIC Direct, the CDP WIC EBT software solution. We look forward to our conversation on how WIC Direct can go to work for you.