WIC EBT Processing

WIC Agencies value the dual function of WIC EBT processing for benefit delivery and retail transaction authorization.WIC Direct is the industry leader in online WIC EBT processing. At CDP we take great pride in having developed WIC Direct and have received numerous commendations for its functional excellence.  At CDP, founded in Illinois in 1979, we have spent our corporate lifetime as a premier provider of data management systems and services for the public health community. With our specialty focus on public health, just as the work of public health departments has evolved, so also has our product line expanded to serve the changing work of public health departments. The strong reputation that CDP maintains is a reflection of adherence to our mission to provide high-quality public health technology solutions which assist delivery of essential services to our state and local communities.

WIC agencies everywhere have found WIC Direct EBT processing to provide numerous advantages: software integrity, simplified benefit management and robust reporting. The ability to customize reports of WIC data in Data Direct is a great tool in more fully understanding how benefits are being utilized. The professional development team members at CDP are always working on improvements to WIC Direct, never satisfied to stand still with our software products.

We recognize the tight time lines on which many of our clients operate and we are committed to bringing every project in on time and on budget. All of this has contributed to the success of WIC Direct and we can report that this software serves more than a third of the WIC state agencies as their WIC EBT processing system.

WIC Direct EBT processing succeeds at serving three constituencies:

  • WIC Participants welcome WIC Direct because of its speed and simplicity, looking and functioning like a debit card.
  • WIC Retailers appreciate the speed of WIC Direct EBT processing because its ease-of-use moves shoppers quickly through the checkout lane. WIC Direct supports a mixed basket, with no need to separate WIC from non-WIC purchases. Cashiers do not run the risk of errors.
  • WIC Agencies value the dual function of WIC EBT processing for benefit delivery and retail transaction authorization. Reimbursement adjustments are made in real time in the check out lane. If a card is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated immediately. Prescription changes can be made quickly. With its robust data storage, WIC Direct is useful in fraud detection.

Strong information technology is instrumental to the success of public health departments and agencies on the state and community level. With four decades focused on harnessing the power of technology to sustain public health programs, CDP has developed and services a full range of software products and services.  Our public health portfolio has a specialized focus on the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). We count more than thirty WIC state agencies as our clients along with several other WIC agencies under contract for online WIC EBT services. When you select WIC Direct for EBT processing, the implementation team will be with you every step of the way. CDP clients also receive the benefit of a well-staffed Help Desk should questions arise.

Contact us at CDP by calling (800) 888-6035 and set up a demo to understand how our WIC Direct EBT processing software can be deployed in your state or local public health department or agency.