WIC Direct

WIC Direct manages a range of functions in real time for benefit delivery and retail authorization.WIC Direct, CDP’s (Custom Data Processing, Inc.) electronic benefits transfer solution, was developed by CDP, a premier provider of electronic health systems and services for the public health community. This software is designed to serve three constituencies:  WIC agencies, WIC retailers and WIC clients. Given that CDP has been working in information technology for decades, WIC Direct is the product of years of experience focused on information technology for the public health sector. CDP was founded in Illinois in 1979, with a second location in Frankfort, KY. We believe that by conforming to our mission to provide high-quality technology solutions which assist delivery of essential services to our state and local communities, we have earned the strong reputation we enjoy.

The WIC Direct solution, along with our other IT products and services, functions on a proficient level as a direct result of the investment we have made in our team of professionals, including project managers, developers, software quality analysts, trainers, support personnel, writers and more. From the earliest stages of product and service development through implementation and help desk support, the customer is at the center of everything we do. WIC Direct is the online EBT gold standard, recognized for its excellence by:

  • WIC Agencies – WIC Direct manages a range of functions in benefit delivery and retail authorization. Working in real time, authorizations are handled in the check-out lane rather than in retrospective review and adjustment. Stolen or lost cards can be deactivated immediately, minimizing impact. In most instances, prescription changes can be handled quickly, often over the phone.
  • WIC Retailers – Retailers want to move clients through the check-out lane as quickly as possible and WIC Direct speeds up the process. With support for mixed basket, WIC Direct eliminates the need to sort WIC items from non-WIC items, another time saver. This also has a major impact on eliminating cashier error. APL downloads provide updates on WIC-approved food items.
  • WIC Participants – WIC Direct is appreciated by its clients for its debit-card function and neutral appearance, allowing WIC clients to move through check-out lanes without stigma. With WIC Direct, clients do not have to separate WIC-approved items from general items, saving valuable check out time. It’s as simple as “go to the check out lane, swipe your WIC Direct card, enter your PIN and leave with your food.” 

It is absolutely undeniable that the WIC program has been successful in fulfilling its critical nutrition mission to improve the health of pregnant mothers, infants and children by reducing the incidence of malnutrition. Its effectiveness is demonstrated through the reduction of premature births, low birth-weight babies, fetal and infant deaths and the incidence of low-iron anemia. WIC has increased access to prenatal care earlier in pregnancy, vitamin intake, immunization rates, nutritional intake improvement and improved access to regular care. Given all of this, using WIC Direct will allow you to run this extremely important program smoothly for your agency, your retailers and your clients.

Give CDP a call at (800) 888-6035 for more information or to schedule a demo. We will start a WIC partnership with your agency with WIC Direct, the ultimate solution to operating a successful WIC program that works for everyone.