Public Health EHR Software

CDP, a 40-year-old company founded in La Grange, Illinois, with its current headquarters in Romeoville, Illinois and a secondary office and primary data center in Frankfort, Kentucky, is focused on electronic health solutions. CDP has spent its corporate years in developing software exclusive to the public health sector. Recognizing early on the value of technology services, CDP has successfully developed and delivered its customized products to public health entities throughout the United States. ezEMRx, the Public Health Electronic Health Records (EHR) software that CDP provides is embraced by public health departments. Unlike many EHR software packages that are essentially a retrofit from software designed for the private sector, this technology solution was developed specifically for public health agencies.

When public health departments explore available EHR software products, ezEMRx stands out from the rest for many reasons. Developers at CDP have worked through the years to create a public health EHR with a multitude of functions that correspond well with the work flow of a well-managed public health agency. Rather than develop EHR software with limited functions, CDP’s public health EHR software was created with an array of functions:Electronic Medical Records have been confirmed as a key factor in creating & maintaining accurate patient records.

  • Patient medical and social history records
  • Clinical, behavioral, and substance abuse workflows
  • Appointment scheduling and registration
  • Management of patient households
  • Immunization registry
  • Interactions and decision support
  • Remote patient care
  • Patient Portal
  • Inventory management and bar code scanning
  • Time Tracking
  • Integrated Credit Card processing
  • Meaningful Use, MIPS/MACRA, PQRI and CQM reporting

CDP’s public health EHR software solution includes an integrated practice management solution for billing services that will work with sliding fee schedules, manage complex billing, post payments, simplify timely filing, manage denial alerts and notifications, process patient statements and provide integrated merchant services for credit cards and check processing.

CDP’s public health EHR software, ezEMRx, offers an optional element: a comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Solution encompassing management of things such as receivables, coding audits, numerous options to track patient credit, payment recovery, write-offs, claims management, and insurance eligibility.

The most basic function of this public Health EHR software, the patient medical record, has proven to be an extremely valuable tool for public health providers, standardizing recording and simplifying access  to a patient’s personal information, health history and status, prescription recording, tracking and safeguarding, and archiving provider’s notes. EHRs are proving to be an essential, effective tool in the pursuit of safe delivery of high-quality healthcare.

Public Health departments face tremendous challenges in today’s environment:  growing numbers of patients seeking care and more patients with multiple medical issues that require more attention. Tracking patients through EHR software provides a platform that assists in managing these complexities. At CDP we pride ourselves on the development of strong, customized solutions, assistance throughout implementation, training, and a friendly Help Desk that is always there for you.

Give us a call at (800) 888-6035to speak with a member of our team or to request a demo. We can start an EHR partnership that will equip your agency with the tools you need to operate a successful program that works for your clients and for your staff.