Nurse Charting

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are a tremendous boon to capturing detail and tracking medical history.Nurse charting is a critical tool for capturing patient information, details on what currently brings a patient to the clinic, blood pressure and other indicators of health status, medication history and updates on social data including marital status, family demographics and environmental data. Most of today’s public health departments are providing a wide range of services, including running patient clinics. The import of this work cannot be underestimated: in today’s environment, for many people, the public health clinic is their primary care provider, their central source for health care.

Typically, public health clinics are a busy setting and thorough nurse charting enables an expedited gateway, collecting important data that sets the stage for a patient’s encounter with their provider. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are a tremendous boon to capturing detail and tracking medical history. Nurse charting through use of an EMR is particularly effective as it safeguards accuracy and prompts thoroughness. At CDP, a company that is in the business of developing software for the public health sector, we offer ezEMRx, which was developed specifically for deployment in public health clinics. ezEMRx is multi-functional software that gathers and maintains health records of patients concurrent to assisting with organizing a number of other functions. The software development team has created ezEMRx to multi-task with a full range of functions, including nurse charting. During patient intake, a medical and social history creates a medical record that will include patient history. as well as details of the visit and follow-up recommendations. 

Nurse charting is critical to creating a strong medical record of patients. Although time is a challenge in busy clinics, appropriating sufficient time to chart completely is a strong investment in accuracy and comprehensiveness of a patient record. Nurses often face the challenge of a heavy load of patients or tight staffing, but the ability for nurses to chart with ezEMRx contributes to a good workflow and patient throughput. Nurse charting with ezEMRx is recognized to be safer, as electronic entry eliminates issues of handwriting illegibility.

Nurse charting is at the center of delivering safe and high quality patient care. Nurse charting, done well, is an accurate documentation of patient care, serving as the core record for nurse practitioners, physicians, pharmacists and other professionals along the way to understand medical history and track what is going on with a patient. ezEMRx is a strong resource in the delivery of health care, with much of its effectiveness attributed to its potential for creating a detailed, exceptional patient record.

CDP is a premier provider of electronic health systems and services for the public health community. With our mission to provide high-quality public health technology solutions which assist delivery of essential services to our state and local communities, CDP has developed an array of software solutions that are geared specifically to public health. The above-described nurse charting advantage when using ezEMRx is only one benefit achieved through use of this state-of-the-art software. Contact us at (800) 888-6035 to request a demo or to speak with a member of our team to learn about the numerous functions of ezEMRx and the many ways in which this software can go to work for you. With a strong functional electronic medical record, your public health entity will work better for your patients, your staff, and your community.