Mobile Environmental Health Department Software

Due to the many functions in public health on federal, state, & local levels, CDP has an array of software applications.One of the major functions of public health departments that has taken on greater significance over time is the oversight of environmental health encompassing a range of areas, including air, water, soil and food safety.  Much responsibility has been placed on public health, both at the state and at the community level, to monitor these important measures that are incredibly important to the health of a population. Assuring that your department is working with the best environmental health department software available is the critical first step in providing environmental oversight.

CDP is a premier provider of data management systems. Having been an industry leader in the development of public health information technology for over four decades, it is our mission to provide high-quality public health technology solutions which assist delivery of essential services to our state and local communities. Our exclusive focus on public health has resulted in CDP's development of an array of specialty software, including mobile environmental health department software, CDPmobile2. Mobility that works, the ability to work in the field and record data in real time, is a crucial feature with the benefit of saving time and reducing the risk of error when data must be noted and then re-entered.  Most environmental health inspectors are in the field for the bulk of their time and the capacity to do real-time data entry and reporting is an expectation. Beyond public health department inspectors, this software is also utilized in the private sector by private auditors and inspectors and consultants.

While the web application access requires an internet connection, the mobile product does not. The mobile product will utilize a synchronized database stored on the individual device and contains all information necessary to perform all types of field work. CDP’s mobile product CDPmobile2 is a multiplatform (iOS, Windows, Android) deployable product which gives the user the ability to work offline. When an internet connection is present, a complete database can be downloaded to your device for use offline. CDPmobile2 can be synched back to the server with two-way communication from any internet connection. All completed activity can be uploaded at one time with an automatic local database refresh.

Our longevity in the development of public health software is due, in part, to our commitment to strong customer support. Not only do we have excellent developers on our team creating and continuously improving our products, we will accompany you every step of the way when you transition to CDPmobile2, our mobile environmental health department software. We provide an implementation team, well-developed training and unparalleled customer support, smoothing your transition to this multi-functioning software.

Based on a secure and distributed web platform, with connection to our comprehensive web-based enterprise environmental health data system, our mobile environmental software for health departments is customizable with automated surveillance and inspection reporting capabilities.

Given the importance of the environmental health work being done by health departments on the state and local level, CDPmobile2 is the right-fit software solution. Contact us at CDP and together we can explore our mobile environmental health department software and drill down on the exceptional potential ofCDPmobile2. Call us at (800) 888-6035 to request a demo or to speak with a member of our team. Learn more about our mobile environmental software and the many ways in which CDP can provide the essential tools for the consequential environmental work being done in public health departments on the state and community level.