Food Inspection Software

Not only is the work done by public health agencies to secure the food supply in communities through food inspection software important work, it attracts a great deal of attention from the community as people pay careful attention to the results of safety inspections. Additionally, it is recognized as a high-profile work stream through which people recognize the intrinsic value of work being done in the public health sector. Communities depend upon the thoroughness and accuracy of this work. The Food Inspection software developed by CDP, CDPims (CDP Inspection Management System), based on a secure and distributed web platform, provides thorough investigation and reporting capabilities. At CDP we have developed food inspection software that streamlines the process and assures that the scope of the inspection process is comprehensive, well-documented and reportable.

Food Inspection is commonly thought about with restaurants, but health departments actually check the safety of food conditions in a variety of settings beyond restaurants including day care centers, schools and universities, hospitals and nursing homes, grocery stores, meat and seafood markets, delicatessens, ice cream shops, bars, convenience stores, farmers’ markets and food vendors (both permanent and temporary). By virtue of the nature of food safety inspection, the mobility that CDP has hardwired into our food inspection software captures data in the field, a one-step process that avoids collecting data and re-entry of data, an extra step rife with potential for error.

Members of a community rely upon their public health officials to perform food safety inspections on a routine basis.Public Health departments have found that CDPims is exactly what they are seeking in food inspection software: 

  • Collected data simple to review and mine-able for analysis
  • Archiving the detail of previous inspections for quick reference and comparison
  • Functional, dependable mobility for field work that, upon connection to the internet, will synchronize with the data base.
  • Efficient management of complaints and special requests
  • Flagging of potential errors onscreen in real time
  • Ease of integration with Foodborne Illness Investigation
  • Updates in real time
  • Easy access for the public
  • Generation of Renewals and Permits
  • Accounts Receivable management for all types of facilities

With more than 30% of food consumed outside our homes, the function performed by CDPims is essential to protecting the food supply chain. Food Inspection software is one of many types of software developed by CDP, serving a function that is critical to the health of communities.  CDP, a software development company exclusively focused on the numerous functions of public health departments, has been in business for over 40 years. Just as the work of public health departments has evolved, so also has the software created by CDP.

Once you begin to work with our public health software at CDP, you will find that our software delivers on its promise to develop product that understands the public health sector, streamlines process and functions well. Give us a call at (800) 888-6035 to begin a conversation or request a demo to learn more about the many ways in which CDPims food inspection software can go to work for you.