Electronic Health Records

Electronic Medical Records have been confirmed as a key factor in creating & maintaining accurate patient records.Public Health departments and agencies today routinely use electronic health records to record, archive and retrieve their patients’ medical history. Having moved away from manual paper records for an abundance of reasons, including accuracy, legibility, retrieval and storage limits among others, health departments everywhere are finding ezEMRx software as the right-fit electronic health records software.  ezEMRx is designed specifically for use by public health departments. This matters. Clinics run by public health departments are often seeing patients dealing with complex health problems and challenging social issues, a vulnerable demographic requiring detailed intake and follow-through.

Having been in the business of designing public health information technology for public health state and local departments for four decades, CDP has focused with laser precision on the evolution of the scope of work done by health departments. As the demand to move into providing an array of public health services has grown, our team of professionals has stayed on the cutting edge of the nexus between public health and information technology.

From our early days, we have adhered to our mission to provide high-quality public health technology solutions which assist the delivery of essential services to our state and local communities. Conforming to our mission has earned CDP an excellent reputation. Some of the reasons ezEMRx software for electronic health records has been broadly embraced include:

  • Its in-depth understanding of public health patient medical records, clinical decision making and care coordination. The public health workflow process has been designed to adhere to state level criteria for care.
  • The mobility solution grants providers access to patient records and document care decisions anywhere.
  • Security, availability, and confidentiality standards for electronic health records are met by CDP’s ezEMRx software.
  • ezEMRx is certified and compliant with Meaningful Use measures, qualifying providers for funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
  • ezEMRx has an incredible variety of functions including interoperability that integrates healthcare standards and protocols, a strong practice management system for revenue management and much more and capability to provide a broad range of customized reports based on performance measures determined by a consortium of medical experts and CMS and NCQA.

We are particularly proud of our electronic health records solution, ezEMRx, knowing that its superior functionality contributes to a better understanding of a patient's medical history, satisfied health providers who appreciate excellence and well-managed public health clinics. The team of professionals at CDP, including project managers, developers, software quality analysts, writers, trainers and support personnel, maintain a constant focus on creating and supporting high quality public health software solutions.When you chose ezEMRx, our transition team will assist with implementation and our Help Desk will always be readily available. Give us a call at (800) 888-6035 for more information and to schedule a demo.We will create a great partnership with your public health department.