October 2020 Employee of the Month - Joseph Gilland

05 Oct
All our employees are awesome and every single one of them deserves to be recognized... but this is company history. The October 2020 Employee of the Month is Joseph Gilland, the technical product owner of WIC Direct, winning it again just six months after he won in April.
His nomination this month came as a result of a message received by one of our clients, Julie Scott, the Technology Support Manager of Nutition Services for Chickasaw Nation.
Thanks again, Joseph! You've just given a big gift to almost 15,000 families! I happened to meet one of the moms at a Farmers to Families event last week. She mentioned that her kids were on our "summer program." Once I confirmed she meant Summer EBT, I told her to hold onto her card because they were going to get an extra month of benefits. She started the cry and said, "thank you," several times. So I'll pass those thanks along to you.
Thank you for your dedication to CDP and all the participants we serve. This is a prime example of our technology that makes a difference.
Congratulations, Joseph!