Environmental Health

CDPmobile is our application for the communication of forms‐based data for our enterprise users. It features flexible forms design, highly-accurate handwriting data capture and recognition, robust communication and synchronization with our web based .NET, database‐ centered environmental health application (CDPims), handwriting interpretation, verification and data validation.

It is a Digital Ink Application platform used to build digital writing applications and specialized products for customers using tablets and laptops. It is particularly useful when there is a level of mobility required in data capture. This format promotes user familiarity with current forms and a shallow learning curve. CDP is able to replicate any required forms, regardless of their purpose.

Developed to work offline, CDPMobile allows field staff to conveniently view history, access demographics, and complete data capture while in the field.

With the implementation of our mobile software your organization will see:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased accuracy
  • Integration of data with CDP's other systems
  • Automated business procedures

Forms in our system are composed of a variety of elements. There are multiple ways data can be captured on a form:

  • Checkboxes
  • Handwriting text and number boxes
  • Freeform entry fields
  • Hotspots
  • Pre‐fill from data stored on local access database

This mobile solution provides everything that is needed to complete the other key steps in data capture:

  • Pre‐fill your forms with data you already have.
  • Data from the local access database (utilized for offline use) loaded on the mobile unit synchronizes data with our central Oracle database and used as pre‐fill information into a form. This reduces the amount of information needed for capture, reduces possible errors introduced without pre‐fill data, and allows captured data to be linked to the original record source, if needed.
  • Capture new data using a laptop or Windows tablet.
  • Verify the handwriting recognition results and validate data relationships (date / time evaluation, business rules, etc.) on your form in real‐time, at the scene of data collection.
  • Ability to attach pictures or other documents to the CDPmobile form.

Learn more how CDPmobile can reduce the workload of field work and paperwork